Andy Gibb: After Dark

RSO/Polygram, 1980
Andy Gibb
1. After Dark
2. Desire
3. Wherever You Are
4. Warm Ride
5. Rest Your Love On Me
6. I Can't Help It
7. One Love
8. Someone I Ain't
9. Falling In Love With You
10. Dreamin' On

U.S. Chart Position of Album
• After Dark, RSO, 1980 (US #21)

Chart Positions of Singles
• "Desire", RSO, 1980 (US #4)
• "I Can't Help It" (Duet with Olivia Newton-John, RSO, 1980 (US #12)

Rolling Stone Magazine Reviews
After Dark

Olivia Newton-John (Vocals), Michael Brecker (Horn), Andy Gibb (Vocals), Andy Gibb (Vocals (Background)), Andy Gibb (Main Performer), Andy Gibb, Robin Gibb (Vocals), Tim Renwick (Guitar), Barry Gibb (Synthesizer), Barry Gibb (Guitar), Barry Gibb (Vocals), Barry Gibb (Vocals (Background)), Barry Gibb (Producer), Peter Graves (Horn), Albhy Galuten (Keyboards), Albhy Galuten (Producer), George Bitzer (Synthesizer), George Bitzer (Keyboards), Dan Bonsanti (Horn), Neal Bonsanti (Horn), Dennis Bryon (Drums), Ed Caraeff (Art Direction), Ed Caraeff (Design), Charles Chalmers (Vocals (Background)), Kenneth Faulk (Horn), Mike Fuller (Mastering), Maurice Gibb (Vocals), Alan Kendall (Guitar), Joe Lala (Percussion), Hugh McCracken (Guitar), Joey Murcia (Guitar), Donna Rhodes (Vocals (Background)), Sandy Rhoads (Vocals (Background)), Karl Richardson (Producer), Karl Richardson (Engineer), Whit Sidener (Horn), George Terry (Guitar), Blue Weaver (Keyboards), Ronald "Tubby" Ziegler (Drums), Bill Purse (Horn), Harold Cowart (Bass), Tom Roadie (Percussion), Arthur Johns (Hair Stylist)



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About Andy

b. March 5, 1958 in Manchester, England
d. March 10, 1988

Mother: Barbara
Father: Hugh
Brothers: Robin, Maurice, and Barry (The Brothers Gibb aka The Bee Gees)
Married: Kim Reeder, July, 1976 (divorced in 1978)
Children: 1 daugher, Peta Reeder-Gibb on January 25, 1978

First U.S. Number 1
"I Just Want To Be Your Everything"

In the United States, Andy Gibb became the first male solo artist to chart three consecutive Number One singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

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